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Sandy Bottom Cabins Home

Sandy Bottom Cabins, LLC
c/o Patrick Vernon / 906 Shady Lane / Chapel Hill, NC 27517
919-942-3360 / /

Rental Agreement

Rates               Vernon $750/week; $400/weekend off-season
                        Watkins $650/week; $350/weekend off-season
                        Honeymoon $200/week or weekend

Wifi is "SandyBottom" with Password "9196755807"   (Vernon cabin phone number)

Before you leave home…

  • Please send your check to the address above.
  • Please leave your animals at home.

 Check In: 3:00 PM

  • Time: Please do not arrive before 3pm so that the cleaning service can do their work (they are sensitive to this). If you get there early, drop by the crafts store or make a run to Burnsville.
  • Keys: In the key boxes on the front porches. Combination to Vernon and Watkins is 1932, Honeymoon LIV.
  • Linens: Beds will be made when you arrive. Extra sheets and towels are in the laundry room.
  • Laundry: Washing machine and dryer are in the Watkins garage.
  • Outdoor Shower: Located behind the Watkins garage for everyone’s use.
  • Fun Stuff: Swim, fish, hike, read, eat, drink, sleep, play. Not necessarily in that order. Firewood, lawn chairs, tubes, grills and other fun stuff are stored in the Vernon garage for all to enjoy.
  • Trash: Pickup is semi-weekly as needed.
    •  Please BAG ALL TRASH and place bags in the bins by the driveway near the hedge.
    • Recycling or overflow trash can be taken to the Yancey County convenience center on the way to Micaville about 4 miles from the cabins on the left.
  • Fire: Please be very, very careful with fires in the fireplaces. Fire is our biggest fear. It is probably the biggest threat to the cabins and to your safety. These cabins will burn down very quickly if they catch fire. Do not leave fires unattended. Always use the screens.
  • Phone: Vernon cabin phone is 828-675-5807. Watkins cabin phone is 828-675-4534. Please use long distance sparingly and be aware that even nearby towns like Spruce Pine may be long distance. Don’t leave your computer logged on.

 Check Out: 11:00 AM

  • Time: Please check out on time so that the cleaning service has time to get everything done (again, they are sensitive to having anyone there).
  • Stuff: Put chairs and tubes back in Vernon garage.
  • Keys: Make sure you leave the keys in the key boxes for the next visitors.
  • Food: Please don’t leave any food – take everything with you. Do not leave dirty dishes.
  • Linens: Please strip the beds you slept in and leave linens on the bed so the cleaning service will know which beds need changing. Put dirty towels in a pile in the living room.

 Emergency cell phones
Patrick (919) 260-8779
Jim (919) 971-1057